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HAR Stories
Member Testimonials
  • Lorraine Abercrombie
    Greenwood King Properties

    "I love the tools on HAR.com for REALTORS®, but I also value what we offer to consumers. It enables buyers or sellers to analyze real estate information on subdivisions using “Subdivision Price Trends,” which contains information on more than 10,000 subdivisions, search more than 130,000 homes sold using “Recent Home Sales,” or learning more about more than 5,000 Texas schools using “School Finder.” These analytical tools reduce the overall time we spend on a given transaction and focus more on finding the “right home” for our buyer."
  • Ray Allison
    Allisonspear.com, REALTORS

    HAR.com is our sales assistant, research assistant, appointment manager, time manager, information desk...and the list goes on. We use it religiously in our daily transactions as our business solution partner.
  • Ward Arendt
    Marilyn Arendt Properties

    We know the value of technology in the real estate industry to REALTORS® and consumers. Using our technology we are able to come up with tools such as Golf Course Finder, which integrates property data by offering online consumer homes on or near a golf course. HAR.com offers the best platform for both, consumers and REALTORS®, in conducting a successful user experience and a great real estate transaction.
  • Shad Bogany
    Shad Bogany Properties

    With HAR.com, I am able to share knowledge with my clients that would take our office several hours to compile. Also I stay ahead of the curve by attending business and technology training offered by seven real estate schools around Houston in a single searchable database through the "HAR Yellow Pages." It currently offers more than 4,500 classes, and more than 40,000 members have registered for classes using this valuable tool. It is incredible!
  • Robert Cook
    Robert D. Cook Properties

    I know the value of HAR.com as our listing marketer and promoter for all Realtor-listed properties. Just this year, we will serve more than 67 million listing detail pages to online consumers who will spend more than 504 million minutes surfing HAR.com. I cannot imagine doing business without this huge promotion from HAR.com. The tools are invaluable for REALTORS.
  • Margie Dorrance
    Keller Willaims Realty - Metropolitan

    I've never seen a site that offers as much as HAR.com to consumers and members. Consumers are able to view more than 14,000 member Web sites enabled with many consumer tools and more. We are at the top of the industry in offering technology tools to our members.
  • Chaile Ralph
    Martha Turner Properties

    It is great to belong to an association that offers so much "tech touch"-we have bragging rights all over the country because of our online success and our lead system which is generating and delivering more than 500,000 quality leads annually to Houston Realtors.
  • George Renfro
    Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS

    From Appointment Manager's success, to School Finder being the most valuable consumer tool and so many other productivity tools, it's difficult to name them all. HAR.com is our state-of-the-art business and technology system.
  • Joe Rosa
    RE/MAX Heritage

    HAR.com and all those member productivity tools put us on the map of real estate technology around the country. Just imagine more than 3.2 million click-thru referrals to agents' and companies' Web sites. Wow! It just keeps delivering results.
  • Dana Simmons
    Keller Willaims Realty - Metropolitan

    HAR.com and all those member productivity tools put us on the map of real estate technology around the country. Just imagine more than 3.2 million click-thru referrals to agents' and companies' Web sites. Wow! It just keeps delivering results.
  • Linda Sheinall
    Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS

    Every time I speak to a new agent, I remind them that they have access to a wealth of information on HAR.com and they can do a better job for their clients because of it. It is good to learn that agents have downloaded more than 400,000 forms using Form Manager and I highly encourage our agents to take advantage of all of the other productivity tools as well.
  • Mary Steele
    Heritage Texas Properties

    Our clients tell us that HAR.com is so easy to use that it's the first place they look for a home and search for a REALTOR to help them buy or sell that home. Using Member Finder, they were able to search more than 20,000 agents or search among 2,816 multi-lingual members, speaking 82 languages.
  • George Stephens
    ERA Stephens Properties

    Our technology is our signature. HAR is known throughout the country as the industry leader in REALTOR-focused technology and recognized by the National Association of Realtors® as the most "Outstanding Web Site" in both the member and consumer categories for two years in a row.
  • Wayne Stroman
    Stroman Realty

    As chairman of the Technology Task Force, I am proud of the successes we have made to help our members become more efficient and profitable in their businesses. I am equally proud that we have been able to successfully fulfill the demands of more than 400,000 unique online consumers who visited HAR.com just in the last month.
  • Steve Thistle
    Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS

    It is great to be the leader. HAR and HAR.com represent the leading edge marriage of real estate and technology. At the same time we provide significant savings to our members by providing productivity tools at no additional cost, whether it is 14,000 free individual member Web sites or 600 free company Web sites.
  • Ann Walker
    Keller Williams Realty Northwest Houston

    HAR.com supports our businesses by continuously providing mission critical business tools such as Appointment Manager. It amazes me that our members have made more than 400,000 appointments using the Appointment Manager.
  • Debbie Gee
    Lege Properties

    I must thank HAR for designing such an excellent LeadCall system. As soon as a prospective buyer punches the button on our listings to speak with the agent, the computerized notification enables me to call my prospective clients back in two minutes. They are so impressed! Thank you again. You guys did an excellent job providing this invaluable service to your members.
  • Bill Gottfried
    International Premier Properties Keller Williams Realty

    The HAR MLS International Area 82 has allowed us to significantly expand our international real estate activities; we have had over 12,800 Visitor "hits" on our Mexico properties over the past 5 months, which is really tremendous. HAR's MLS International Area 82 has been absolutely instrumental in the growth of our international business.
Consumer Testimonials
  • Judith Sinnard

    I have an MBA with a speciality in eCommerce, and during the course of study in graduate school we vetted many websites and analyzed their effectiveness for their business niche as part of our curriculum ... this one is world class!
  • Mark Herron
    General Manager Four Seasons Hotel

    As a recent newcomer to Houston, I want to reiterate my commendation for the HAR website. I use the website on a weekly basis and find it to be a valuable resource in our quest to purchase a home in Houston. When we first moved to Houston, we needed to find a school for our two children, we were able to do so using the website. We then wanted to locate a neighborhood and we were able to do so on the website. We now are looking for a home using the website and find it very beneficial to view a home and the homes in the same vicinity with just one click. In my profession, moving is a way of life. Your website makes life easier. Thank you!
  • Bayliss Aelicia

    It was great. The part I loved best is when she signed me up with my profile and I would get e-mails with the various houses in my range. I loved getting those and the fact that you can view inside the home. That saved me and the Realtor a ton of time because there were a lot I did not care for after reviewing the pictures. GREAT TOOL.
  • Prisila Foss

    HAR helped us get our house sold almost immediately! We put our house on the market on a Friday evening and by early afternoon the NEXT DAY we had an offer from a couple who had been looking at HAR. com for the prevoius 3 months and had been waiting for the "right" home. Our house was sold in less than 24 hours thanks to HAR.
  • Ami May

    I have been using HAR.com off and on for many years. It is an easy-to-use site with a great search engine!
  • Dixon

    While I would have been happy to do this in the past, I just unsubscribed to my HAR.com research email as I have now completed a relocation to Chicago...yes, I work for United Airlines. I must say that the HAR website and tools are the best we have found. We recently purchased property in the Ft. Worth area, sold our house in Houston, and found a place to rent in Chicago. In 2008 we discovered HAR as a part of our relocation from Guam back to Houston and used it to find the house we just sold. I can say that of the 3 (HOU, DFW, and CHI), the only one that had a local real estate website that was inclusive and useful was HAR. It is outstanding. As a private citizen, I am happy to be quoted on that as well. Please keep up the good work and also convince the folks in DFW and CHI that their realtor associations need to move to the 21st century like HAR did.
  • Richard Longview

    Yes, the quick call back is a very nice feature and impressed me. With what I do I have a special interest in seeing applications that work and add real value. I recently moved here from Los Angeles and must say the HAR.com site is the best site real estate I have ever seen.
  • Amir Yunus

    Bravo! Just wanted to send a quick note saying that the upgrades to HAR.com are excellent. Very nicely done!!!
  • Dan George

    I wanted to let you know how useful the HAR website was in narrowing down my home search. My job was relocated, and we made the decision to move to Houston. I started to search websites for houses. While searching the Houston real estate websites I found your website www.har.com. It was easy to find and very easy to use. I was pleased to find your website has expanded search criteria far beyond any other site I visited. With the help of the HAR website and our experienced realtor, we have found exactly what we are looking for. I can't thank you enough.
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