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Welcome to the campuses of KATY. Here you will find information about KATY campuses such as: campus name, grade level, phone, rating and a detailed report. School Zone Finder is a new tool that assists you in finding Houston School Districts and Houston Zoning Information. You can find links, if available, to school district's Search by Address tool or map, district phone number, reports and option to email or print. Consumers can find out what elementary school, middle school, or high school campus lies within their zone by using a school district's address tool.

Katy ISD Campuses

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Campus Name Grade Level Phone Rating Detail
Bear Creek Elementary School (281) 237-5600 Recognized Detail
Beckendorff Junior High (281) 237-8800 Exemplary Detail
Bonnie Holland Elementary School (281) 234-0500 Exemplary Detail
Cardiff Junior High School (281) 234-0600 Recognized Detail
Cimarron Elementary School (281) 237-6900 Recognized Detail
Cinco Ranch High School (281) 237-7000 Recognized Detail
Cinco Ranch Junior High School (281) 237-7300 Recognized Detail
Diane Winborn Elementary School (281) 237-6650 Exemplary Detail
Edna Mae Fielder Elementary School (281) 237-6450 Exemplary Detail
Fort Bend Co Alter (281) 237-6350 Not Rated Detail
Franz Elementary School (281) 237-8600 Recognized Detail
Garland McMeans Jr High (281) 237-8000 Exemplary Detail
Griffin Elementary School (281) 237-8700 Exemplary Detail
Harris Co Sch For Accelerated Lrn (281) 237-6350 Not Rated Detail
Hazel S Pattison Elementary School (281) 237-5450 Exemplary Detail
Jack & Sharon Rhoads Elementary School (281) 237-8500 Recognized Detail
James E Williams Elementary School (281) 237-7200 Exemplary Detail
Jean & Betty Schmalz Elementary (281) 237-4500 Exemplary Detail
Jeanette Hayes Elementary School (281) 237-3200 Exemplary Detail
Joella Exley Elementary School (281) 237-8400 Exemplary Detail
Katy Elementary School (281) 237-6550 Exemplary Detail
Katy High School (281) 237-6700 Acceptable Detail
Katy Junior High School (281) 237-6800 Recognized Detail
Loraine T Golbow Elementary School (281) 237-5350 Recognized Detail
Maurice L Wolfe Elementary School (281) 237-2250 Recognized Detail
Mayde Creek Elementary School (281) 237-3950 Recognized Detail
Mayde Creek High School (281) 237-3000 Acceptable Detail
Mayde Creek Junior High School (281) 237-3900 Acceptable Detail
McRoberts Elementary School (281) 237-2000 Recognized Detail
Memorial Parkway Elementary School (281) 237-5856 Recognized Detail
Memorial Parkway Junior High School (281) 237-5800 Recognized Detail
Morton Ranch Elementary School (281) 234-0300 Recognized Detail
Morton Ranch High School (281) 237-7800 Acceptable Detail
Morton Ranch Junior High School (281) 237-7400 Acceptable Detail
Nottingham Country Elementary School (281) 237-5500 Exemplary Detail
Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary School (281) 237-7600 Exemplary Detail
Opport Awareness Ctr (281) 237-6350 Not Rated Detail
Raines High School (281) 237-6350 AE: Acceptable Detail
Robert King Elementary (281) 237-6850 Recognized Detail
Roberta Wright Rylander Elementary School (281) 237-8300 Exemplary Detail
Rodger & Ellen Beck Junior High School (281) 237-3300 Recognized Detail
Roosevelt Alexander Elementary School (281) 237-7100 Exemplary Detail
Seven Lakes High School (281) 237-2800 Recognized Detail
Stanley C Stanley Elementary School (281) 434-1400 Exemplary Detail
Sue Creech Elementary School (281) 237-8850 Recognized Detail
Sundown Elementary School (281) 237-5400 Recognized Detail
T H McDonald Junior High School (281) 237-5300 Recognized Detail
Taylor High School (281) 237-3100 Recognized Detail
Ursula Stephens Elementary School (281) 234-0200 Exemplary Detail
West Memorial Elementary School (281) 237-6600 Recognized Detail
West Memorial Junior High School (281) 237-6400 Recognized Detail
Woodcreek Elementary School (281) 234-0100 Exemplary Detail
Woodcreek Junior High School (281) 234-0800 Recognized Detail
Zelma Hutsell Elementary School (281) 237-6500 Recognized Detail

The searched properties are located with the same zip code as the selected school. You should independently verify the geographic bounaries of specific schools applicable to a particular property.