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Welcome to the campuses of HUMBLE. Here you will find information about HUMBLE campuses such as: campus name, grade level, phone, rating and a detailed report. School Zone Finder is a new tool that assists you in finding Houston School Districts and Houston Zoning Information. You can find links, if available, to school district's Search by Address tool or map, district phone number, reports and option to email or print. Consumers can find out what elementary school, middle school, or high school campus lies within their zone by using a school district's address tool.

Humble ISD Campuses

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Campus Name Grade Level Phone Rating Detail
Atascocita High School (281) 641-7500 Acceptable Detail
Atascocita Middle (281) 641-4600 Acceptable Detail
Atascocita Springs Elementary School (281) 641-3600 Recognized Detail
Bear Branch Elementary School (281) 641-1600 Exemplary Detail
Creekwood Middle (281) 641-4400 Acceptable Detail
Deerwood Elementary School (281) 641-2200 Exemplary Detail
Eagle Springs Elementary School (281) 641-3100 Exemplary Detail
Elm Grove Elementary School (281) 641-1700 Recognized Detail
Fall Creek Elementary School (281) 641-3400 Exemplary Detail
Foster Elementary School (281) 641-1400 Recognized Detail
Greentree Elementary School (281) 641-1900 Exemplary Detail
Hidden Hollow Elementary School (281) 641-2400 Exemplary Detail
Humble Community Learning Center (281) 641-7400 Detail
Humble Elementary School (281) 641-1100 Recognized Detail
Humble High School (281) 641-6300 Acceptable Detail
Humble Middle (281) 641-4000 Acceptable Detail
Jack M Fields Sr Elementary School (281) 641-2700 Recognized Detail
Jjaep Campus (281) 641-8058 Not Rated Detail
Kingwood High School (281) 641-6900 Recognized Detail
Kingwood Middle (281) 641-4200 Recognized Detail
Kingwood Park High School (281) 641-6600 Recognized Detail
Lakeland Elementary School (281) 641-1200 Acceptable Detail
Lakeshore Elementary School (281) 641-3500 Exemplary Detail
Maplebrook Elementary School (281) 641-2900 Exemplary Detail
North Belt Elementary School (281) 641-1300 Acceptable Detail
Oak Forest Elementary School (281) 641-2800 Recognized Detail
Oaks Elementary School (281) 641-1890 Acceptable Detail
Park Lakes Elementary School (281) 641-3200 Recognized Detail
Pineforest Elementary School (281) 641-2100 Recognized Detail
Quest Early College High School (281) 641-7300 Recognized Detail
River Pines Elementary School (281) 641-3300 Recognized Detail
Riverwood Middle (281) 641-4800 Exemplary Detail
Ross Sterling Middle (281) 641-6000 Acceptable Detail
Shadow Forest Elementary School (281) 641-2600 Exemplary Detail
Summer Creek High School (281) 641-5400 Acceptable Detail
Summerwood Elementary School (281) 641-3000 Recognized Detail
Timbers Elementary School (281) 641-2000 Acceptable Detail
Timberwood Middle (281) 641-3800 Acceptable Detail
Whispering Pines Elementary School (281) 641-2500 Acceptable Detail
Willow Creek Elementary School (281) 641-2300 Exemplary Detail
Woodcreek Middle (281) 641-5200 Acceptable Detail
Woodland Hills Elementary School (281) 641-1500 Exemplary Detail

The searched properties are located with the same zip code as the selected school. You should independently verify the geographic bounaries of specific schools applicable to a particular property.