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Welcome to the campuses of LAMAR CONSOLIDATED. Here you will find information about LAMAR CONSOLIDATED campuses such as: campus name, grade level, phone, rating and a detailed report. School Zone Finder is a new tool that assists you in finding Houston School Districts and Houston Zoning Information. You can find links, if available, to school district's Search by Address tool or map, district phone number, reports and option to email or print. Consumers can find out what elementary school, middle school, or high school campus lies within their zone by using a school district's address tool.

Lamar Cisd Campuses

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Campus Name Grade Level Phone Rating Detail
Alternative Learning Center (832) 223-0900 Not Rated Detail
B F Terry High School (832) 223-3400 Acceptable Detail
Beasley Elementary School (832) 223-1100 Acceptable Detail
Bess Campbell Elementary School (832) 223-1300 Exemplary Detail
Bowie Elementary School (832) 223-1200 Exemplary Detail
Briscoe Junior High School (832) 223-4000 Recognized Detail
Community Center (832) 223-0960 Acceptable Detail
Cora Thomas Elementary School (832) 223-0000 Recognized Detail
Fort Bend Co Alter (281) 239-3431 Not Rated Detail
Foster High School (832) 223-3800 Recognized Detail
Frost Elementary School (832) 223-1500 Exemplary Detail
George Junior High School (832) 223-3600 Acceptable Detail
George Ranch High School (832) 223-4200 Acceptable Detail
H F McNeill Elementary School (832) 223-2800 Recognized Detail
Henry Wertheimer Middle (832) 223-4100 Exemplary Detail
Huggins Elementary School (832) 223-1600 Acceptable Detail
Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School (832) 223-1700 Recognized Detail
J J Wessendorff Middle (832) 223-3300 Recognized Detail
Jackson Elementary School (832) 223-1800 Acceptable Detail
Jane Long Elementary School (832) 223-1900 Exemplary Detail
Joe Hubenak Elementary School (832) 223-0000 Exemplary Detail
Juan Seguin Elementary School (832) 223-2200 Recognized Detail
Juvenile Detent Ctr (281) 633-7312 3 Detail
Lamar Cons High School (832) 223-3000 Acceptable Detail
Lamar Junior High School (832) 223-3200 Acceptable Detail
Manford Williams Elementary School (832) 223-2700 Exemplary Detail
Meyer Elementary School (832) 223-2000 Recognized Detail
Navarro Middle (832) 223-3700 Recognized Detail
Reading Junior High School (832) 223-0000 Recognized Detail
Smith Elementary School (832) 223-2300 Recognized Detail
Stephen F Austin Elementary School (832) 223-1000 Exemplary Detail
Susanna Dickinson Elementary School (832) 223-1400 Exemplary Detail
T L Pink Elementary School (832) 223-2100 Recognized Detail
Taylor Ray Elementary School (832) 223-2400 Exemplary Detail
Travis Elementary School (832) 223-2500 Recognized Detail
William Velasquez (832) 223-2600 Exemplary Detail

The searched properties are located with the same zip code as the selected school. You should independently verify the geographic bounaries of specific schools applicable to a particular property.