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Welcome to the campuses of ALVIN. Here you will find information about ALVIN campuses such as: campus name, grade level, phone, rating and a detailed report. School Zone Finder is a new tool that assists you in finding Houston School Districts and Houston Zoning Information. You can find links, if available, to school district's Search by Address tool or map, district phone number, reports and option to email or print. Consumers can find out what elementary school, middle school, or high school campus lies within their zone by using a school district's address tool.

Alvin ISD Campuses

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Campus Name Grade Level Phone Rating Detail
Alvin Elementary School (281) 585-2511 Recognized Detail
Alvin High School (281) 245-3000 Acceptable Detail
Alvin Junior High School (281) 245-2770 Recognized Detail
Alvin Pri (281) 585-2531 Recognized Detail
Assets (281) 331-1690 AE: Acceptable Detail
Brazoria Co J J A E P (281) 388-1130 Not Rated Detail
Don Jeter Elementary School (281) 245-3055 Recognized Detail
E C Mason Elementary (281) 245-2832 Recognized Detail
Fairview Junior High School (281) 245-3100 Recognized Detail
G W Harby Junior High School (281) 585-6626 Acceptable Detail
Glenn York Elementary School (281) 245-2100 Detail
Hood-Case Elementary School (281) 585-5786 Recognized Detail
Laura Ingalls Wilder (281) 245-3090 Recognized Detail
Longfellow Elementary School (281) 585-3397 Recognized Detail
Manvel High School (281) 245-2232 Recognized Detail
Manvel Junior High School (281) 245-2078 Recognized Detail
Mark Twain Primary (281) 585-5318 Recognized Detail
Mary Burks Marek Elementary School (281) 245-3232 Exemplary Detail
Melba Passmore Elementary School (281) 331-6696 Recognized Detail
Nolan Ryan Junior High School (281) 245-3210 Recognized Detail
R L Stevenson Pri (281) 585-3349 Recognized Detail
Savannah Lakes Elementary School (281) 245-3214 Recognized Detail
Walt Disney Elementary School (281) 585-6234 Recognized Detail

The searched properties are located with the same zip code as the selected school. You should independently verify the geographic bounaries of specific schools applicable to a particular property.