HAR Android App allows MLS subscribers(access MLS Info) and consumers to find a home, bookmark listings and view property search history. MLS Subscribers will have access to homes for sale or lease & complete listing details (Agent Full Report, Tax Profile Report, Showing Instructions, Days on Market), their leads, their listings, as well as access their company's listing inventory.

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Features for Consumers & Members

Award-winning HAR.com residential property search engine to find homes for sale or lease in the greater Houston area
Wide range of search filters such as proximity, price, square footage and more
Map automatically refreshes to display listings when you pan/move across the map
MLS listing information is updated every 15 minutes.
Most comprehensive listing details include price, room dimensions, interior and exterior features, open house schedule and more
Easily slide through a photo gallery for each listing (including up to 32 photos, which is more than you may find on any other app).
Enhanced Google mapping with Street View
Bookmark your favorite listings.
View a history of your searches.
Easily contact the listing agent or broker

Features for MLS Subscribers Only

MLS Subscribers can login to the password-protected area by using their HAR.com username and password & will have access to their leads, their listings, and access TO their company's listing inventory.
MLS Subscriber will have access to complete listing details:
Complete listing details
Tax Profile Report
Showing Instructions
Days on Market