Multiple Listing Service Department

Critical Phone Numbers

HAR Help Desk
(713) 629-1900 ext. 361

TEMPO Help Desk
(877) 805-7301

Supra Customer Service
(800) 545-9601

Supra Manual Update Line
(877) 788-4220
Supra Products

Wyldfyre Listing 6.0 Support

Resource Center
Meet The Team
Caroline Cervantes
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Ext. 267
Nathan Goble
MLS Project Manager
Ext. 282
Natalia Carrillo
Quality Assurance Team Leader
Ext. 312
Shawn Dauphine
Director of MLS
Ext. 255
lillie Long
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Ext. 242
Amir Askandari
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Ext. 240