Language(s) I Speak: Cantonese , Mandarin     Culture(s) I Specialize in: China , Hong Kong , Taiwan

"Your best interest always comes first!" 您的最佳利益永遠是第一位!
SOMETHING ABOUT SYLVIA TSANG: Due to her bubbly personality and enjoy working with people, Sylvia became a Houston realtor (Galleria area, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Missouri City) back in January 2006. Sylvia loves property tax protest very much. In 2009, she became a Texas certified real estate arbitrator. In 2012, she obtained her Texas real estate broker license successfully. In January 2015, she setup "Absolute Abundance Realty". Besides working as a Houston real estate broker/property tax arbitrator, Sylvia is also a Chinese interpreter/translator serving the Greater Houston area
關於曾小姐:由於她活潑的個性,喜歡與人打交道,Sylvia成為休士頓房地產經紀人(Galleria,Bellaire,Sugar Land)早在 2006 年 1 月。Sylvia非常愛物業稅抗議。2009 年,她成為了一名德克薩斯州註冊的房地產仲裁員。在 2012 年,她成功地獲得了她德克薩斯州房地產經紀人執照。在 2015 年 1 月,她設置了"絕對豐富房地產公司"。作為一名物業稅仲裁員休斯頓房地產經紀人,Sylvia也是中文翻譯人才服務大休士頓地區。
SERVICES: Have a home for sale or lease in Galleria, Bellaire, Sugar Land? Sylvia will offer a comparative market analysis (CMA). She will discuss the entire analysis report in details. Need to buy or lease a home? Sylvia will make the entire process hassle free and stress free. Need help with property tax protest? Sylvia can be your representation. Questions/inquiries are always welcome!
服務: 需要賣或出租房子(Galleria,Bellaire,Sugar Land)? Sylvia將提供比較市場分析(CMA)。她將詳細討論整個分析報告。Sylvia可以幫你放盤! 需要買或租房子? Sylvia會讓你感到整個過程輕鬆簡單和沒有壓力! 需要抗議物業稅? Sylvia會到你所屬的地縣評價民政事務處代表你上訴! 如你有任何問題或關注, 請随意與Sylvia聯絡。
Need to relocate to Houston? Whether it is a long or short term thing, Sylvia is also your Houston relocation real estate personnel! All her clients are extremely satisfied with the property she found - no matter what it is - a Houston single family home, a condo/townhome/apartment, even a piece of land, etc. "Your best interest always comes first!" Moving to Houston absolutely worry free. Grab your keys enter your dream home super happy!
需要搬遷到休斯頓嗎?無論是長期或短期的事情,Sylvia也是您的休斯頓搬遷房地產人員 !她的客戶都非常滿意她發現 — 不管它是什麼 - 一個休斯頓單一家庭住宅,公寓/別墅,甚至連一塊土地,等 "您的最佳利益總是第一位!" 搬到了休斯頓絕對不用擔心。抓住你的鑰匙進入您的夢想家超級快樂!
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