"I am sure you've heard the saying, 'A true champion goes the extra mile.' I believe in this and strive to go the extra mile when needed for my clients."
Jacob David says, "I am happy to tell you I got the Senior Real Estate Specialist designation as of November 27, 2011. I can now serve the 50+ Mature Adults Real Estate market better with this specialization."
Jacob David has an open desire to excel, learn daily to become the best in Real Estate. "I helped my dad build two homes from the ground up. I helped him shop for building materials. That's when I realized Real Estate is an interesting life career for me."
An innovative approach to marketing and attention to detail are only two of the reasons Jacob David continues to produce quick results for his Real Estate clients. He believes in a "hands-on" approach to ensure his clients receive the highest level of service throughout the selling or buying process. "We have the technology available today that enables me to provide volumes of information as quickly as possible to my clients,” says Jacob David. “I include them in every step of the transaction."
Knowledgeable, experienced, dependable, professional, hard-working and successful, Jacob is the Realtor who helps his clients every step of the way while buying or selling their home. " I like to treat people the way I want to be treated. I learn a lot daily. I apply my learning to each Real estate transaction in the best possible way so it benefits my client."
Jacob David has been living in Houston Texas for 15 years. Prior to his real estate career, he was at customer service for Sysco Foods, a National Food Supply Chain for 5 years, then did graphic design - advertising in the publishing industry for 7 years. He still does graphic design and enjoys doing it.
Jacob considers himself to be very blessed; he truly loves real estate, his clients, hopes to buy a Labrador retriever (Chocolate brown is his preferred color). When not working with clients, Jacob enjoys taking walks in the park, cooking with friends and family, tennis and badminton and family time - fishing, going to the movies, with his son.
Jacob David
Champions Real Estate Group
6117 Richmond Ave, Ste 120
Houston, TX 77057
Phone: (713) 785-6666

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