Mission Statement: Whether buying or selling your home, JET Realtors will make sure that you will have a stress-free and enjoyable real estate experience during your real estate transaction. We want to make sure that you are happy with the results we bring you as well making you a life-long client and friend!
OUR MOTTO: WE DELIVER FIRST CLASS SERVICE" NOT EXCUSES! We are "TEXAS" best little kept secret! Why you ask? Although, we are a small independent firm, we are "big" enough" to provide you with the same personal attention that you would receive from larger firms. We deliver you first class service from start to finish.
Joyce E. Tate, REALTORS,LLC is proud to say that we are now serving second, and third generation of home buyers and sellers. This is no accident because when you show that you care about your clients, people will come back to you for service. We are grateful for the vote of confidence our clients put in us. We embrace all diversity and humanity and serve all who walk through our doors regardless of race, creed, color, or religion.
Joyce E.Tate holds a B.S. degree in Education/Science and a M.ED in Guidance and Counseling. Ms. Tate keeps abreast of all new mandated changes that TREC requires. in 1991 JET REALTORS,LLC., conducted one of the first free workshops for first time buyers and sellers. She also attends the city's sponsored workshop facilitated by the "Turner Construction Company which keeps builders and developers updated on the new building codes, and new techniques that are being implemented in the construction industry.
COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES *Joyce Tate served 33 year as an American Red Cross Youth sponsor, taking students to perform musicals as well as making decorations for the VA hospital, Nursing homes, & Children's Hospital. *Organized the 1st after -school program called "Charm Club" for boys and girls in the Houston area where she taught manners, good grooming, sewing,career awareness skills, tap dancing, and arts and crafts and expose the children to the fine arts. One of the biggest joy in my life as a REALTOR was being able to help one of my former student purchase her very own home! *Currently JET has turned her interest to helping the homeless vets move into clean decent housing.
Joyce E. Tate
Joyce E. Tate, REALTORS
7044 W Fuqua Dr
Missouri City, TX 77489
Phone: (281) 438-7777
Fax: (281) 438-7786

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