Since the age of 10, I have always had a burning passion to do real estate. When I was 18 years old I inherited three rental properties from my grandfather, although I did not know much about the rental property business. Some how through the course of time I became a professional debt collector for almost 13 years. I really needed something to where I could work with people and have a great career. That is when I made the choice to get my license in 2009 and I have literally loved every minute of it. I have worked with different brokers and learned how to brand myself and market my own business. Trent's Lifestyle is how I have everything branded and most people don%u219t understand it. That%u219s because I did not want to bore people with real estate jargon or wear them out with an
Trent Draper
NB Elite Realty
1411 Hawthorne
Houston, TX 77006
Phone: (713) 213-0000

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