Over 25 years of real estate experience! If your looking to sell your home, make sure you are getting someone you trust to represent you and your home! Unfortunately selling a home may not be the easiest for some people, it is for this reason you need someone who will be by your side during the entire process no matter how tough it gets! If you are looking for a new place to call home, I can help you find the best deal and look out for your best interest! Not only am I a licensed Realtor, I am a broker, so I can offer rebates on new homes & resale homes......this includes Town Homes, High Rises & Condos! New home sales is my specialty! I have sold for various Houston new home builders throughout the past 10 years! I understand and know how to get you the best deals for you and your family! I decided to get my broker license and use my new home builder knowledge to benefit consumers and save you money! Please do not buy your new home without a Realtor to look out for your best interest! This also applies to resell homes as well! Call or email me and tell me how I can help you!
I also offer Rebates: For Buyers, Sellers and For Leasees
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Sylan Chang
Sell Buy or Lease
7710 Cherry Park
Houston, TX 77095
Phone: (281) 560-3288

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