Tanya has had a wide range of experience in life to name a few:
Loves to spend time with her two grandbabies
Raised and showed Cutting Horses
Born and raised in Houston, Texas
Once a year goal to go on a cruise liner.
Loves to fish in the Bay.
Raised persian Cats and Australian Sheppards
Condo living in New York City for 2 years
Owned 4 Pet Grooming Shops
10 Years of Large and Small Veterinary Assistance
Has been a vocalist for 15 years, playing in R&B, Blues, Jazz & Variety Music
Song writer and publisher
3 years of acting experience in Louisiana thru 2007 to 2009
Now, if you think you can not find something to talk about with her then you need to keep on shopping for a realtor. It takes a team to be able to spend time together in any activity. In her endeavors as a realestate agent she has accomplished being able to understand and read the wants and needs of her clients in their realestate searches in just a couple of visits. She will be able to preview homes for you, and pick out the cream of the crop for your viewing to help save YOU time and frustration in shopping for a home.
Tanya Coury
Logos Investment Properties
Star Fleet Marina, Ste # 300
Kemah, TX 77565
Phone: (281) 942-9761
Fax: (281) 831-6330

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